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Oil & Gas Equipment is the authorized representative of many companies in the oil and gas sector. Our network and strategic locations enable us to supply quality products, offer price competitiveness, and provide superior delivery times.

We initiate the production and delivery of a large range of equipment including, but not limited to: compressors, pressure vessels, electrical components, and field instruments.  Moreover, we offer the maintenance and repair of pipe installations and other related services. Our portfolio ranges from simple mechanical instruments to highly complex filtration systems.

Please contact us with an inquiry regarding your individual solutions. We offer support and technical assistance for the wide range of products listed in our catalogs, and beyond.

Product Catalog

The products in our catalog are originally manufactured by our partners.  We cooperate closely with the manufacturing suppliers, and one of our key Account Managers will be in contact with them regarding your inquiry.

Technical Support

The technical support provided comes directly from the source, in several different languages. Our suppliers are from all around the world, with the majority in Europe.

Price and Quality Guarantee

We offer original products from the manufacturer with fully supported price and quality.  Complete warranty coverage and direct contact to the manufacturer are also provided.

Our Services

Go-on Group is pleased to welcome you to our Oil & Gas Equipment Portal. We are a dynamic and young company with great knowledge and experience in the oil & gas and power generation equipment industry.

Products : compressor plants, turbines, filter systems, pipes, flanges, valves, fittings, seals , skids, heat exchangers, control equipment, installation and maintenance, turn-key installation, engineering, auxiliary systems, patrol stations, drills.

With our passion and our commitment, we have built a strong relationship with all of our suppliers. Our partners are highly specialized and have all of the necessary certifications.  Our experience is a valuable advantage, based on our references to the main oil and gas projects.  The Go-on Group sales offices are located in the center of European cities (Duesseldorf, London, Utrecht and Monaco). This allows for a smooth and customer-oriented exchange for all of our partners.

Our team is multilingual and can assist you in English, German, Italian, Russian and French. For your projects, you will be directly in contact with the production factories and engineers.

We will use our expertise to manage your projects and find a solution to your needs.  You will find our products in the portfolio by using this website.

Through our platform, Oil & Gas Equipment, Go-on Group assists companies in establishing themselves in the oil and gas industry. Our experience allows us to define the needs of the customer. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services, which makes your investment more efficient by optimizing processes and resources. We take care of the complete installation and servicing of your investment, including the disassembly and reassembly.

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality equipment and services to guarantee performance and productivity, and to reduce inefficiencies.

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